A short stay in Aarhus

4th July 2019

Just like my hometown of Liverpool, Aarhus (Denmark’s ‘second city’) has in recent years become a rather popular tourist destination thanks to being awarded European Capital of Culture status.

It’s certainly a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time now, so when my husband and I were recently planning our Danish road trip it seemed the perfect place to start.


‘Pingo’ from Stelton – Let’s eat together

14th April 2019


Ask any parent at what point in a day they feel the most stressed and you can guarantee mealtimes will be up there.

Whether you’ve a child of your own or otherwise, sharing food with a small person can be a total minefield.


Marnelly – My chat with Veronica Gyllenram

8th April 2019


Thanks to blogging and a deep-rooted obsession with all things Instagram, my Nordic discoveries continue even when I’m at home in Liverpool.


Nordic Inspiration – My baby and toddler essentials

23rd October 2018

This week it appears that everyone in the UK has gone completely baby crazy.

Aside from Royal pregnancy announcements and James Bond proudly wearing a papoose; it’s also been my son’s third birthday.


Making memories with Ferm Living

22nd July 2018

When I became a mum at the age of 37 I was classed, in medical terms, as ‘geriatric’. Let’s just say it had taken a long time for my body, mindset and lifestyle to work together on such matters.


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