Fjällräven Launches Kånken Art

8th February 2019


As a Fine Art graduate, as well as a Nordic design lover, you can understand how thrilled I was to be invited to the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence in London recently for Fjällräven’s Kånken Art Launch.


The Secret of Danish Happiness – My chat with Meik Wiking

16th January 2019

As the clock struck midnight and the new year officially got underway I watched, from the balcony of our rented apartment, the Copenhagen skyline erupt in celebratory fireworks.

The bombardment lasted for nearly two hours and while I was astounded that our three-year-old slept through the whole thing – that’s what a day spent running around Tivoli Gardens does for you I guess – I was also struck by how much shared hope and happiness was being displayed on the streets of this amazing city.


Nordic Inspiration – Christmas Kalenderlys

30th November 2018

This December, rather than counting down to Christmas with a daily chocolate treat, I’ve decided to save some festive calories and embrace the cherished Danish tradition of kalenderlys.


Nordic Inspiration – My baby and toddler essentials

23rd October 2018

This week it appears that everyone in the UK has gone completely baby crazy.

Aside from Royal pregnancy announcements and James Bond proudly wearing a papoose; it’s also been my son’s third birthday.


Holiday Essentials with Nordic Style

15th July 2018

In just over a months’ time I will be heading back to Copenhagen with my family for our annual holiday. Seven precious days living the Nordic dream.

This will be our fifth trip in five years to the Danish capital and yet again we will struggle to fit everything we want to see, do and experience into such a short space of time.


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