Christmas Collectables

Christmas Collectables

As with all things Nordic, even Christmas is celebrated tastefully in Scandinavia.

It seems everyone manages to stay calm until December actually arrives. The panic buying, party planning and tree decorating (real ones of course) only gets underway the first Sunday of advent.

When it comes to the decorations themselves, all the renowned design brands are on hand to help you create that instantly recognisable sleek look.

So to celebrate the official start to the festive season, pour yourself a glogg and find out more about my favourites for 2017. 

  1. Royal Copenhagen Drop

If you’re going to start somewhere then it has to be with Royal Copenhagen. Their hand-painted porcelain is a must-have for any Danish (our in my case wannabe Danish) household. Their festive products are always steeped in history and tradition, and this years bauble features a little girl taking care of Denmark’s national bird, the swan. 

2. Georg Jenson Mobile Gabriel

Georg Jenson is another Danish brand steeped in history. This year’s Christmas collectables range is designed by Alfredo Haberli and based on his childhood memories. How lovely is it that the small holes in the angel represent snowflakes or starry skies.

3. Lyngby Rhombe Baubles

Taken from their archive the Rhombe bauble really does bring one of the Lyngby signature designs bang up to date. I fell in love with Lyngby on our first trip to Copenhagen and they are producing some really exciting pieces right now, with the LP light fitting a particular favourite of mine.  

4. Ferm Living Golden Ornaments 

These guys are everywhere this Christmas and I could happily buy the whole collection. These geometric paper cuts may feel super modern, but for me they have a strong Bauhaus vibe about them, which was the original influence behind the Danish design movement with all know and love after all.

5. Stelton Tangle Ornament

You could quite literally buy everything you ever need for Christmas from Stelton. Created by the architect and product design duo Halskov and Dalsgaard these really are something to pass on to the grandchildren.

6. Iittala Aalto Glass Ball

This is a limited edition design within the iconic Alvar Aalto range and it’s selling out fast, so make sure you get your hands on a future heirloom.

7. Kahler Omaggio Christmas Baubles

I am a total Kahler addict and have pieces in every room of my home. So when I discovered Danish Design Royalty, Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, also known as Stilleben had created Omaggio baubles I just had to add them to my growing collection.  

All images curtesy of Pinterest.

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  1. Down the abbot hole of Christmas decorations I went again… Stelton got my attention and I made it to Skandium and just found an Angel Chime exactly the same one as what I had as a kid. Of course I bought it!

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