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Making memories with Ferm Living

Ferm Living Memory Box
Ferm Living Memory Box
Ferm Living Memory Box
Ferm Living Memory Box
Ferm Living Memory Box

When I became a mum at the age of 37 I was classed, in medical terms, as ‘geriatric’. Let’s just say it had taken a long time for my body, mindset and lifestyle to work together on such matters.

So, as you can probably understand, by the time our baby finally arrived we’d already been through quite a lot. This included a fab babymoon in Copenhagen, where I’d patiently drank rhubarb juice in Mikkeller Bar, panted and puffed up the hundreds of steps at Møns Klint and taken a power nap in the gardens of Ordrupgaard Museum before taking a tour of Finn Juhl’s house.

I’d also hit the children’s department at Illums Bolighus hard. Let’s just say the EasyJet staff on our return flight couldn’t argue with the heavily pregnant lady with far too much hand luggage.

Thanks to my nesting instinct I brought home key pieces for our new nursery, a range of cool Scandi baby grows and of course special keepsakes that I would forever associate with this exciting, and equally terrifying, time in our lives.

So when I recently read about the specially designed, “The Beginning of My Life” memory box from Danish super brand, Ferm Living, it transported me back to those fuzzy early days and gave me a timely reminder to record every moment, especially given all the crazy toddler adventures my husband and I are currently experiencing.

This beautiful gender neutral gift features little boxes, notecards and cotton bags to keep everything safe. Plus there’s no rules, schedules or calendars, so you create as and when you’re ready, making it as unique as your little family.

From making prints of those tiny hands and feet, a first lock of hair, a tape measure to track growth, as well as writing letters to reread together in years to come, in total there are 21 elements, all fitting neatly into one perfectly designed box.

As a new parent you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the whole experience (as well as the hormones), but now while you and your partner are frantically trying to make sense of it all and slowly getting to know this squishy, screaming bundle (while still remembering to feed the cat), you can cherish every step you take together now and forever.

“The Beginning of My Life” memory box is on sale now and costs £74.

All images courtesy of Ferm Living.

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14 thoughts on “Making memories with Ferm Living”

  1. Oh how lovely! I must say, we’ve kept lots (being very sentimental) including hospital tags! However, I couldn’t tell you where they’re stored if my life depended on it. A box, especially one as nice as this, is a fantastic gift idea x

  2. How lovely! I was so good at recording all the important (and not so important) milestones in our first daughter’s life. I vowed to do just as good a job with our second daughter but sadly I have failed and I will always feel immense guilt for this. But little boxes like this are such a good incentive and I love that it’s not scheduled!

  3. I am a massive fan of memory boxes – they make such a heart warming gift to hopefully look back on and then maybe add to it when they have their own kids one day x

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