Blomst – A new dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen

Blomst by Royal Copenhagen
Blomst by Royal Copenhagen
Blomst by Royal Copenhagen
Blomst by Royal Copenhagen
Blomst by Royal Copenhagen

If there is one brand that epitomises everything I love about the Nordic way of life, the beauty of the region and the creative craftsmanship of the people, it would have to be Royal Copenhagen.

Founded 240 years ago by Queen Juliane Marie, collections of this timeless white porcelain, faultlessly hand painted in its distinctive cobalt blue pigment, can be found in virtually every Danish home.

Passed from generation to generation, and often given as gifts to celebrate meaningful moments in a person’s life, every cup, plate or serving dish carries with it a heartfelt significance.

For me, a trip to Copenhagen would not be complete without a visit to their breath-taking flagship store. My own personal collection is coming along nicely but after reading about their latest dinnerware series ‘Blomst’, I may need extra hand luggage allowance this summer.

Created by Dutch artist Wouter Dolk, blomst simply means ‘flower’ in Danish, and brings together Royal Copenhagen designs of the past and key trends of the present.

Embracing the current ‘Japandi’ interiors style (a mix of traditional Japanese minimalism with warm Scandinavian decor), the simple off-centred, angular compositions are a reinterpretation of the brand’s legendary Blue Flower decoration. First created in 1779, this particular design was Royal Copenhagen’s second pattern, and featured a spray of flowers, freshly picked from the gardens of Denmark.

Through this timely collaboration, Dolk and Royal Copenhagen’s skilled artists have envisaged and flawlessly recreated a Blomst garden rich in history and legend. They’ve also included some of my own personal favourites too such as the anemone, hosta, dahlia and iris.

Flowers are forever associated with Royal Copenhagen, and the brand will always accompany many of my happiest memories.

All images courtesy of Royal Copenhagen.

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24 thoughts on “Blomst – A new dinnerware from Royal Copenhagen”

  1. In Greece it is very customary to invest in a good quality dinner service as a wedding gift and couples still put it on their gift registry. I did too and have a beautiful set. It stays firmly in the cabinets to be taken out on special occasions. This one is very special indeed.

  2. As a big fan of blue and white tableware I have to say that this is right up my street. And if they’ve being around for so long that can only mean one thing… they are bloody good 😊 Now I just have to move to Denmark 🤣🤣

  3. Thank you so much for all the compliments on the new blomst tableware by Royal Copenhagen! This summer there will be additional pieces in the shops, newly designed flowers painted by highly skilled painters!

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