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While I’m still new to all this blogging business I wanted to dedicate a post to those who have inspired me to finally make that leap from reader to writer.

From my first post here on Nordic Notes two months ago you’ll know I found starting a blog pretty scary. Since then I have been completely overwhelmed by how much love and support I’ve received, so before I go any further – thank you.

I know it sounds like a total cliché but it already feels totally natural posting now and I’ve made some amazing new friends through InstagramTwitter and the likes just by joining in conversations, asking questions and not being afraid to stand by what I’ve created.

As time goes on I will share more of my current favourites, and hopefully you’ll recommend some new ones to me too. So in the meantime here are my top 5 inspirational blogs:

1.       Hege in France

Hege’s blog is for me the epitome of everything a good blog should be, current, friendly, engaging and super stylish. I actually can’t remember when I started following Hege’s blog it’s been that long, but from the way her posts are written you always feel as if she is talking directly to you and no matter what the subject or theme you feel richer for reading it.

2.       Cate St Hill

First of all Cate has the most beautiful Instagram feed, and now her gorgeous little sausage dog puppy has one too! She is also a writer, stylist and interior designer, plus I think we both have a number of matching Breton tops. Cate’s posts are always really informative as well as creative and include a number of DIY projects. It was her post last year about completing a grey front door makeover that got me hooked.

3.       That Scandinavian Feeling

When the lovely Ingrid contacted me a couple of weeks ago to say one of my Instagram photos had been selected for her monthly #thatscandinavianfeeling post I was ecstatic. The photography on her blog is always so amazing and her sense of style and love of hygge is everything I hope one day to achieve in my own home and lifestyle. Every week she also posts a ‘Friday Inspiration’ which always get my creative thoughts flowing in time for the weekend. 

4.       These Four Walls

Abi describes herself as a ‘Wannabe Scandinavian’, what more is there to say? Also her passion for her home city of Bristol really echoes my own experience with Liverpool. This elegantly styled blog also reminds me just how much travelling my husband and I did before baby arrived (in a good way!) and I will be using her ‘Top tips for Lisbon’ as my guide for our upcoming trip (I’m sure there’ll be a post about it soon).

5.       That Nordic Feeling

This list wouldn’t be complete without Rikki. Blogging about her life in Copenhagen and beyond since 2013, this coupled with a lot of bedtime reading, has been the foundation of my Nordic knowledge. It has also given my husband and I so many hints and tips on where to stay, visit and eat when visiting this amazing city. If you want to live Danishly then this blog is a must read.

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