Kähler – My tour of their Oslo flagship store

28th March 2018

You can imagine my excitement when early this year I received an invitation from Kähler, one of my all-time favourite Nordic brands, to take a tour of their Oslo flagship store during my recent trip.

Celebrating its third birthday this April, the store is situated on Hegdehaugsveien; one of city’s most prominent shopping streets, and they’re in good company here, sitting alongside the likes of Aēsop, Cos and Marimekko.


Celebrating my 40th birthday in Oslo

23rd March 2018

I’m just going to come straight out and say it, we had a fantastic time in Oslo last weekend celebrating my 40th birthday.

I didn’t want this post to be just the usual list of what to see, do or eat when spending 48 hours or so in a new city. For one, far better bloggers than me have already done this, and secondly, we travelled with our two year old son which rather limits how much you can realistically achieve and take blog-worthy photos of!


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