Kähler – My tour of their Oslo flagship store

28 March 2018

You can imagine my excitement when early this year I received an invitation from Kähler, one of my all-time favourite Nordic brands, to take a tour of their Oslo flagship store during my recent trip.

Celebrating its third birthday this April, the store is situated on Hegdehaugsveien; one of city’s most prominent shopping streets, and they’re in good company here, sitting alongside the likes of Aēsop, Cos and Marimekko.

Experiencing a unique history

As soon as I stepped inside I found the atmosphere so welcoming and inspiring. Sunlight filled the space, making the iconic pieces of ceramic and glass sparkle before my eyes.

With original moulds, colour swatches and historic samples from the late 1800s on display, you really experience the unique history of the brand, as well as getting a sense of what the original workshop must have been like.

Kähler Design Tour

Kähler Design Tour

The centrepiece of the product displays is a stunning Finn Juhl dining table, which on my visit was beautifully set for spring. Sat on the crisp table linen were classic white Hammershøi vases and candle holders alongside the latest additions to this world-renowned collection.

Designed by Norwegian born, and regular store visitor Hans-Christian Bauer, Hammershøi tableware is inspired by artist Svend Hammershøi’s significant early works. This season, an elegant coffee and cake collection has been introduced which includes a three-tier stand, pedestal bowl and an amazing thermal cup. All have the distinctive Hammershøi furrows and are available in a range of five colours determined by Bauer himself.

Kähler Design Tour

Kähler Design Tour

Customer care and dedication

I personally love how Kähler work with twelve current designers across their collections to give traditional products a fresh modern look. Also the quality of the craftsmanship is exquisite, with twenty people working on a single vase before it gets to store.

While on my visit, I soon realised this same intimate understanding, as well as a genuine pride in the products and brand, carried through to the store. The care and dedication the small staff team showed customers was fantastic, ensuring every piece was not only visually right for them but completely complemented their interests and lifestyle.

My Kähler obsession grows with every trip to Scandinavia, and the pieces I brought home from the beautiful Oslo store will always have a very special place in my heart.

To find out more about Kähler, visit the Kähler website.

All photography by Nicola Capper.

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