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How to add Nordic notes to your life

Nordic Notes
Nordic Notes
How to add Nordic notes to your life
Nordic Notes
Nordic Noir

Sometimes its hard to convince friends, work colleagues or my intrigued in-laws that my love for the Nordic way of life is not just about buying beautiful things.

Yes, I openly admit to having a ‘slight’ obsession with certain Danish brands and an ever increasing stack of interior and lifestyle books, but little do they realise that the main purpose of all Scandinavian design is improving daily life.

Don’t forget these guys have built their entire cultures around ‘hygge‘ and ‘lagom‘, they don’t overdo anything, but simply share the things they love with the ones they love.

So if you’re looking to add some Nordic notes to your life, (quickly and more importantly cheaply) then here is my advice.

1. Start the day with a strong cup of coffee

While there seems to be some confusion as to which of the Nordic countries drinks the most coffee, just make sure you drink a lot of it and drink it strong. As a sleep deprived mum to an overactive two year old I can’t function without it anymore.

2. Add some greenery to your surroundings

Whether it’s a cheap bunch of flowers from the supermarket or a houseplant you got from a new neighbour, a little bit of greenery goes along way to brightening your mood and your home. We are talking about some of the world’s happiest people after all.

3. Get out and about

Don’t worry I’m not suggesting cycling everywhere, but one thing I see a lot when on trips to Denmark or Sweden are families and friends spending time together. From sharing picnics in the park, a chat over a coffee or taking a trip to a gallery or museum you get a real sense of community and caring.

4. Turn the lights down low

Candles, candles and more candles, and yes in the daytime too, especially if it’s a dark and rainy morning in January. Add a lovely warm glow to your home and you’ll feel like an adopted Nord in no time.

5. Add some drama to your life

Series two of Swedish thriller Modus (featuring Kim Cattrall OMG!) and the must watch finale of crime drama The Bridge are coming soon to the BBC. Not to forget shows like the totally amazing  Norskov on Channel 4’s Walter Presents; get yourself involved in some Nordic Noir this weekend.

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8 thoughts on “How to add Nordic notes to your life”

  1. Great blog post. I love the hyyge lifestyle. I try to inject nordic vibes into my life by being more mindful – making more mindful purchases than compulsive ones and using candles all around my home. So relaxing! Over from xx

  2. I can get on board with all of these! Coffee and candlelight are my go-to for early morning moments, and I’ve added lots more greenery to my home in the past year. Now I just need to work up the motivation to get out and about in this darn rain… xx

  3. My husband works in Bodo, Norway and would agree to all of these as the perfect Norwegian way of life… and add waffles & a tipple or two too! I am always tempted to make the courageous jump and live over there too.

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