Nordic Inspiration – A good night’s sleep

20th January 2018

With long dark days, a constant cough, as well as the grim realisation that I’ve once again spent and eaten far too much over Christmas, January has been pretty tough.

So as the latest dose of germs took hold and I climbed the stairs with yet another bottle of Benalin in hand (other cough remedies are available), I got to thinking about my bedtime routine.

Creating a calming pre-bedtime ritual is crucial for a good night’s sleep as well as essential elements of both a hygge or lagom lifestyle.

So would it surprise you if I said that even this aspect of my life is inspired by my love of all things Nordic?

1. Cos sleepwear

Cos sleepwear is my go to at bedtime. Frills and florals aren’t my thing, let alone trying to look seductive (sorry Mr C!). These androgynous pyjamas are perfect, and something I will continue to wear for years to come. They are also great for layering up in the colder months too. I also have a beautiful robe I bought from Granit in Malmo which I wear over them come morning.

There are some fab PJs in the Cos sale at the moment too if you’re looking to give them a try.

2. Aesop skincare

My love for Aesop knows no bounds. Not only is every store a creative inspiration when you visit, but their products have been a revelation and are taking over my life.

Twice a day I use their Parsley Seed cleanser followed by the anti-oxidant eye serum and hydrator in the morning or facial hydrating cream at bedtime.

Next on my wish list is the toothpaste. Do let me know if you’ve used it already.

3. Glerups slippers

I’ve written about how I discovered these amazing felt slippers before, and let’s just say Father Christmas brought me yet another new pair recently.

I practically live in these bad boys 24/7 let alone saving them for bedtime. I promise you there’s no going back!

4. Hay Tann Toothbrush and Mega Dot Throw

These two products epitomise what I adore about Hay. Both are beautifully designed but are at totally price different points in their range. It also goes to prove that even if you don’t have a huge budget to you can still incorporate a Scandi classic in your life.

I’m that obsessed that I’ve now started buying these toothbrushes in bulk when I’m on holiday in Copenhagen too.

It was while staying at STAY, the Hay apartment hotel, that I knew one day I would also own one of their throws. I know it’s hard to justify spending a lot on bedding but once I’d slept under one of these for a week I was a convert.

5. Finally a good book

Bedtime wouldn’t be bedtime without a good book. Pre-toddler days my husband and I would happily while away many a weekend reading in front of the wood burning stove or lazing in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

Now I savour this moment of the day so much, when all the running around is done and everyone (furry or otherwise) in the house is quiet. I may only grab half an hour at most, but for me it’s the perfect way to drift off to sleep.

All images except Lagom book via the brands named above.

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