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23rd October 2018

This week it appears that everyone in the UK has gone completely baby crazy.

Aside from Royal pregnancy announcements and James Bond proudly wearing a papoose; it’s also been my son’s third birthday.

Just like Meghan, I was 37 and classed as a ‘geriatric mother’ when Fox was born; and just like Daniel Craig, his Dad took him everywhere in his Baby Bjorn. Believe me, in those exciting and equally terrifying early days, the labels placed upon us were the last things on our minds.

What we should be talking about however is what parents, children and young people actually need for a better quality of life, and for this we can certainly learn a lot from our Nordic friends.

I’m by no means saying life in Denmark is perfect, but here family comes first. There’s equal parental leave for men and women, a working day that ends at 4pm so you can pick your kids up from school, and there are no tuition fees. Students actually receive almost £600 from the government every month to support them during their studies.

While I may not be in a position to influence the political agenda (I’ll leave that to Fox as I’m sure he’s destined for great things) I can, like any Mum, do my very best to make his life as comfortable, fun and of course as stylish as possible!

So if you’re an expectant parent or looking for the perfect birthday (or dare I say Christmas) gift for a very special small person, I’ve put together some of my Nordic inspired favourites.

Everything listed are brands I have genuinely bought products from or items I’ve lovingly used over the last three years.

From left to right:

  1. Cam Cam Copenhagen Nursing Bag, £62, Liberty London
  2. OYOY Rabbit Nature, £25, Is To Me
  3. Design Letters Melamine Cup, £9, This Modern Life
  4. Glerups Kids Boots, £40, My Little Wish
  5. Polarn O. Pyret Baby Stripe Wraparound Bodysuit, £14, John Lewis
  6. Arket, Merino Mittens, £10, Arket
  7. Go Baby Go Non-slip socks, £6, Scandiborn
  8. Sebra Li the Crochet Doll, £39.95, Scandiborn
  9. OYOY Knut the Polar Bear Cushion, £42, Really Well Made
  10. Farg Form Clouds Jersey Baby Blanket, £20, This Modern Life
  11. MarMar Copenhagen Beanie, £23, Alex and Alexa

All images via the respective brands, featured image by Nicola Capper.

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