‘Raami’ by Iittala – Food, mood and memories

29 October 2018

This year Finland has overtaken its Nordic neighbours to become the happiest nation on earth.

While it may have leapfrogged Norway, Denmark and Iceland into the top spot of the 2018 World Happiness Report, one thing unites them; the idea that the quality of people’s everyday lives really matters.

If you’re anything like me, memories rather than things have the biggest impact on how you feel.

Taking the time to appreciate the moment, however small, is really important and something I’ve definitely come to appreciate more and more since the birth of my son.

Whether it’s sharing a bottle of wine with my husband after a long working week, cooking pizzas as a family while dancing around the kitchen or catching up with my best friend over fika, the simple pleasure of sharing food with those I love is a key part of this.

Raami by Iittala

Raami by Iittala

Raami by Iittala

An atmosphere of togetherness

It is how to enhance an atmosphere of togetherness around the dining table that renowned British product designer, as well as accomplished author, Jasper Morrison has focussed on in his upcoming collaboration with Finnish brand, Iittala.

Launching early next year, the new ‘Raami’ tableware collection is something very special. With its discreet design and careful detailing, as well as a combination of ceramic, glass and oak it feels familiar and comforting.

Food, mood and memories

Meaning ‘frame’ the Raami pieces are designed to be used and enjoyed every day. Each elegant and understated piece working together to frame your food, mood and memories, no matter what time of day or occasion.

Morrison actually compares the collection to a happy family of relatives, whose four groups of varying characteristics combine to create balance and harmony.

Relaxed and homely

The first group includes a carafe, tumblers and tea light candle holders which all have the same fluted design and come in a range of beautiful colours; soft moss green, sea blue, salmon pink and seville orange.

These are followed by the four different wine glasses, each simply crafted to ensure whatever you’re drinking is served to perfection.

The third is the classic white porcelain plates, bowls, mugs, cups, teapot, and gorgeous little egg cups, all with their curved edges and subtle rim to showcase any dish.

Finally there are the oval wooden serving boards, which are not only super functional with their built in handles, but make sharing food more relaxed and homely.

Raami by Iittala

Raami by Iittala

Thought and function

I may not have been to Finland, but as I excitedly watched the launch of this collection on Instagram it was immediately evident that Jasper Morrison’s design philosophy totally complements Iittala’s long standing design language.

What I love about these new timeless products, and the brand as a whole, is that everything is designed with thought and function.

And at the end of the day this is what really counts if we are to inspire better living.

The Raami collection will be available at the beginning of 2019, but in the meantime if you’d like to find out more visit the Iittala website.

All images courtesy of Iittala.

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