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Nordic Notes

I’ve been ‘pretending’ to write a blog in my head for years now, dreaming up ideas, taking random photos and reading squillions of other people’s posts but I’ve never actually written anything. Why? Because I’m scared.

My husband is probably sick of me going on about it, and to be honest, I’m actually getting on my own nerves a bit now too – so here goes.

Cue the eye roll, yet another Scandi lifestyle blog by a woman in her very late thirties, who wears far too many Breton stripes and lives in a white suburban box with her adorable toddler and crazy cocker spaniel.

Why Nordic Notes? Well, back in the day I was a Fine Art student. For 3 years I created huge grey-toned, grid paintings and wrote my dissertation on how art and architecture went hand in hand. After graduation reality struck (you really aren’t going to be ‘discovered’ as an artist painting in your Dad’s garage), but thanks to a number of office jobs it allowed me (and by now my husband in waiting) to take crazy trips across Europe, Canada and the USA.

Every exciting destination fed my frustrated cultural brain, and soon I found myself spending just as much time in design museums looking at mid-century chairs as I did in galleries looking at minimalist masterpieces.

So fast forward to 2014, and thanks to Sarah Lund and Birgitte Nyborg, a trip to Copenhagen to celebrate our first wedding anniversary was planned, and you’ve guessed it I found my ultimate happy place.

Hopefully in time my ramblings will prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune in Farrow and Ball, wear loungewear from The White Company or subscribe to Kinfolk magazine – all of which would be great if I had the money by the way. But that a hygge, lagom, slow living ‘whatever you want to call it these days’ lifestyle really is achievable if you know your key pieces, are prepared to get your hands dirty and have a little bit of a creative streak.

So here’s to being brave, sharing passions and hopefully making new friends along the way.

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