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Seeing as we’re still at the getting to know each other stage I thought I’d give you a quick tour of my home. Not only does it give me the chance to show you guys around, but also provides a little snapshot of my personal taste and Nordic style credentials too.

We moved in to our South Liverpool 1930’s semi in August 2013 after getting married in the April. My husband and I only met in our early thirties so between us we had already clocked up a couple of moves by then, including teeny-weeny new builds and a money pit renovation project.

Thankfully for us the people we bought from had done all the hard work this time, but we did have to have sharp elbows and nerves of steel when it came to beating off the competition and finally securing the sale.

Visitors (as well as my mum) always say how welcoming our home feels, and that it is a real reflection of who we are and the journey we’ve been on as a family, which for me is all I can ask for really.

When we first moved in I literally spent every waking hour painting room after room white, but since then I’ve started to soften it throughout with touches of grey. Even our garden shed is now grey!

You’ll probably also spot some recurring brands in my photos, especially on my Instagram feed. These include Royal Copenhagen, Hay, Normann Copenhagen, Stelton, By Lassen, Iittala and Kahler. Each room contains a number of key pieces, providing focal points and continuity, but most of all making the more run of the mill Ikea elements come alive.

Hope you like it.

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