Getting ready for our Copenhagen holiday

August 15, 2017

So this time next week we’ll be on holiday, and you’ve guessed it we’re heading to Copenhagen, again.

When I don’t think about how much I’ve already spent on ‘essentials’, the amount of ironing I’ve still to do, or how I’m going to keep a toddler entertained in the car/airport/on the plane then I’m getting rather excited.

It’s been nearly a year since our last trip and our fourth to Denmark since 2014, and my husband and I also enjoyed a lovely (but freezing and very dark) long weekend in Stockholm pre-baby too.

My favourite place to stay up to now has been Stay in Islands Brygge for very obvious Scandi design obsessed reasons. You really cannot fault it though, it’s the perfect base to explore the city from and I would totally recommend it to singles, couples or anyone travelling with children.

This time however we’re going down the Airbnb route and staying at the award winning 8-Tallett in Orestad (still can’t quiet believe this is actually happening!!!).

We’re away for a week and with having a small person to entertain planning on a mix of return visits to our favourite haunts, such as the Royal Library Gardens, the Lousiaine Museum of Modern Art, and Den Bla Planet and then hopefully spending a couple of days driving over to Sweden, popping back to Malmo and weather permitting, exploring Falsterbro in Southern Skane.

As you can understand eating out with a 22 month old is not always a pleasurable experience (I’ll spare you the details), but hopefully we’ll manage another trip to the renowned Copenhagen Street Food, the awesome Mother and the Illum Rooftop. Not an obvious choice I know, and not one you see on any travel blogs, but last year it was a total life saver, they have amazing baby changing facilities, excellent food choices and a view over the city thats to die for. Apart from this we just hope to gorge ourselves silly on take outs from Kompa’ 9, Serenity Cupcakes and Original Coffee.

I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t have a homewares shopping list, but most of all I can’t wait to see the amazing window displays of Illums Bolighus and Royal Copenhagen. Plus for me you can’t beat the feeling of climbing the stairs at Hay House and being totally dazzled as soon as you open the door by everything in that beautiful light-filled inspiring space.

Best go and get the packing started…

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