ArchitectMade Studio Tour

ArchitectMade Studio Tour
ArchitectMade Studio Tour
ArchitectMade FJ Essence
ArchitectMade Penguins
ArchitectMade Oscar, Bobby and Rufus
ArchitectMade Aves
ArchitectMade PK-Marble and PK-Mini
ArchitectMade Duck and Ducklings
ArchitectMade Bird

ArchitectMade are the very epitome of Nordic design, with their use of compelling materials, quality craftsmanship and timeless products.

Founded in 2004 by Morten Thonsgaard Jensen, this small but rapidly expanding home decorations company, bring back to life rare and often forgotten drawings from some of Denmark’s most-loved architects.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was very kindly invited by the brand to tour their HQ,  learn more about their history and plans for the future as part of my recent trip to Copenhagen.

A passion for perfection

With a passion for perfection, every ArchitectMade product has a unique story to tell; a spirit that you cannot help to be affected by.

The journey starts with their dedicated Research Team scouring archives, museums and collections to unearth and rediscover lost drawings from the likes of Hans Bunde, Co Derr, Peter Karpf, Paul Anker Hansen, Jørn Utzon, Poul Kjærholm, Kristian Vedal, Finn Juhl and Hans Bølling.

What they unearth gives objects designed half a century or more ago a second chance in life, and at this point they still don’t even know whether the product can actually be produced or not.

Made to stand the test of time

With their incredible expertise, the sheer knowledge the company Production Team has is mind-boggling.

Whether made from glass, porcelain, stainless steel, stone, or their most popular material wood, this unique team of craftspeople spend years perfecting every detail to ensure products are faultless and made to stand the test of time.

Every ArchitectMade piece is hand-turned and has to pass three rigorous rounds of quality control starting with the raw materials. Everything used is selected for its own particular qualities and how it can support and enhance the finished design.

Whether it’s beech and walnut from the USA, oak from the Ukraine and Croatia, or the rarer Indonesian teak, every piece is of the highest A grade quality and PEFC Certified.

Once produced, products then arrive at the HQ in Copenhagen to be checked and double checked for the tiniest imperfection before being hand packed and distributed to retailers across the world.

On my visit I had the opportunity of seeing this process in action, and believe me, even when up close I couldn’t see anything wrong with any of the rejects!

Fascinating details

It is how all these fascinating details along the production journey come together that give you the experience of a finished ArchitectMade product.

For example the recently launched hand-painted Penguins, were originally designed in 1954 by Hans Bunde, with only three being produced in his lifetime, one for himself and his two sisters. When his daughters asked ArchitectMade to recreate them it took eight years from drawing to finished product.

Another is the incredibly playful and light hearted Rufus the dog which I wrote about earlier this year. Originally drawn in 1953 by Hans Bølling, this loyal companion stands 33cm high and takes two months to produce. From sitting and begging to playing and crawling, his every move truly imitates everything a real dog can do.

Finally the FJ Essence tea set, was designed in 1952 by Finn Juhl but never produced because of the porcelain’s complex shape. After 60 years, ArchitectMade rediscovered the old drawings and finally made manufacturing these beautiful products a reality.

Whether its one of these exquisite products, or one of their best-selling birds, ducks or figurines, an ArchitectMade piece is made with so much love how can you not feel the same way.

All products mentioned are on sale now, if you’d like to find out more visit the ArchitectMade website.

All images courtesy of ArchitectMade.

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12 thoughts on “ArchitectMade Studio Tour”

  1. True dedication into the realms of design. I have nothing but admiration for these designs knowing the time and skillset that went into them. Also love their timeless qualities especially as we live in an age of trends which has led to a throwaway society. These are keepers!

  2. I love all these pieces, but I’ve always thought they are quite expensive for what they are. Knowing now how much time it takes to create them, I have changed my mind. That is why I love to hear the story behind the designs. Thanks for sharing

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