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14th April 2019


Ask any parent at what point in a day they feel the most stressed and you can guarantee mealtimes will be up there.

Whether you’ve a child of your own or otherwise, sharing food with a small person can be a total minefield.

From lovingly preparing a meal and it being instantly rejected, through to tirelessly explaining to your adorable fussy eater why they need to eat healthily and not feed everything to the dog, all in all it’s quite an emotional rollercoaster.

A more Danish approach

Instead of just focussing on the food, I’ve taken a more Danish approach to family meals and gone big on the hygge.

Even at the age of three my little boy now asks for candles to be lit at dinnertime, and for those few precious minutes each evening we come together as a family and enjoy the warm glow of the candlelight and chat about our day. Even if that does revolve around the storyline of a cartoon on CBeebies.

So, you can understand why I was super excited to learn that Stelton, one of my favourite Danish brands, was releasing a dinnerware collection especially for children.

Super fun as well as practical

Featuring a penguin called ‘Pingo’, this adorable little tableware set is super fun as well as practical given that it’s made from sturdy melamine. Plus, with its soft shapes and grey-scale colour scheme it sits beautifully alongside what Mum and Dad are using too.

As well as the plate, bowl and cup those cheeky penguins can also be found on easy to hold cutlery. This children’s version of the elegant Una set, first created in 1973, is a personal favourite of mine as the design echoes a Bauhaus style.

Steeped in Scandinavian design heritage

Working with architects and designers since 1960, Stelton is steeped in Scandinavian design heritage, with their philosophy based on four key words; timelessness, simplicity, functionality and innovation.

With their product collections grouped into nine design families, including the Foster and Danish Modern 2.0 which I’ve written about previously, thanks to ‘Pingo’ mealtimes in the Nordic Notes household have now become a total highlight.

To find out more about the Pingo series visit the Stelton website.

Stelton kindly gifted my Pingo dinnerware and cutlery set for this post, but all words and opinions are my own.

All images by Nicola Capper.

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