Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl

Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl
Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl
Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl
Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl
Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl
Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl


On a glorious summer’s day back in 2015 I visited a very special Danish house, that of the legendary architect and furniture designer Finn Juhl.

What I experienced on this trip has stayed with me ever since and continues to influence how I decorate my own home today.

Humble and unassuming

Set in a leafy suburb, just a thirty minute drive north of Copenhagen, and sitting adjacent to the classical mansion, now museum, of Ordrupgaard. This humble and unassuming 1940s building highlights his life’s work and is a total must visit.

A treasured landmark of design history, Juhl’s home has been beautifully preserved to reflect how he truly lived; books remain on the shelves, trays are propped up on the kitchen counter, the objects he collected while travelling still on display.

As you walk around taking in every carefully curated detail you really do feel as if the man himself has just stepped out into the garden for a moment.

An artists approach

Though he trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy, Finn Juhl’s primary focus was furniture, rather than building design. Instead of thinking in terms of practical construction, Finn Juhl took an artist’s approach, organically shaping a piece of furniture or everyday item into a seamless organic, natural form. Often using his own body to determine measurements and proportions.

A huge influence on generations of Scandinavian designers, the pieces he created, just like his home, balance functional practicality with an understated elegance that stands the test of time.

A passion for perfection

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Finn Juhl’s death, but thanks to home decorations company, ArchitectMade we can continue to celebrate his lasting legacy and have the opportunity to own and appreciate classic pieces he produced at the height of his career.

With their incredible expertise and a passion for perfection ArchitectMade bring back to life rare and often forgotten drawings from some of Denmark’s most-loved architects. During my recent tour of their headquarters, I spoke at length with their Production Team.

These dedicated individuals research archives, museums and collections to unearth and rediscover lost drawings from over half a century ago, and give the objects they find the chance to be produced for the first time.

With five pieces now in their collection, thanks to ArchitectMade, you too could have a teak Finn Juhl Clock on your wall, drink from the Essence tea set, own the same walnut Turning Tray or the perfectly precise Wooden and stainless steel Circle Bowls.

To find out more about the Finn Juhl collection visit the ArchitectMade website.

ArchitectMade kindly gifted my Turning Tray and Circle Bowl, but all words and opinions are my own.

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Nicola Capper; images 4 and 5 via ArchitectMade.

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating the legacy of Finn Juhl”

  1. A lovely post on a person who, let’s face it, deserves legendary status. I adore that he made some piece for his wife. Blending multiple parts of his life he loved and intertwining them.

  2. What an absolute treasure to explore, but also to bring some of the creations back to life. I was lucky enough to visit the Villeroy & Boch HQ a couple of years ago and it was incredible to see all of the creative process and attention to detail, it makes you really appreciate what they achieved X

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts on Nordic design/ers. I always learn something new I didn’t know about as well as finding new inspiration for the home. I love the clock and turning bowl designs. Thanks for sharing. x

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