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1 October 2018


We’ve reached that time of year again when you innocently pop into a shop; and without warning, Christmas hits you right between the eyes.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve still got the summer holiday blues, let alone started thinking of festive gift ideas.

Thankfully we should all be spared the strained vocals of Chris Rea or Shakin’ Stevens on repeat for a couple more weeks yet, but even in my local Post Office there’s already glitter soaked cards and shiny wrapping paper piled high, as well as garish tinsel and packs of plastic baubles by the trolley full.

So if like me, you prefer your Christmas celebrations, and more importantly your decorations, to have more of a tasteful, timeless elegance about them then the new ‘Jul’ collection from ArchitectMade is for you.

As part of my visit to the ArchitectMade studio in Copenhagen recently I got to see the exquisite prototypes for myself as well as chat excitedly to the Production Team about their first dedicated Christmas range.

I’ve been bursting to tell you all about them ever since, but was sworn to total secrecy until launch.

The essence of a Danish Christmas

Designed by renowned young craftsman Nikolaj Klitgaard, a name you’ll hear more of in years to come I have no doubt, ‘Jul’ represents the very essence of a Danish Christmas.

Made up of two sets of ornaments, hanging and free standing, the impressions they create, like all ArchitectMade products are unique.

There are five components; a bell, a heart, a cone, a Christmas tree and an angel. All produced by hand in oak with a thin leather cord so they can be hung on trees or as decorations on windows.

The bell, heart, cone and Christmas tree are sold as a gift set with three identical characters, while the angel is sold individually in a gift box.

Meanwhile the free standing Christmas trees and angels come in two sizes, small (10cm) or large (12cm), all crafted in warm teak. These are sold individually, again in gift boxes.

Passion for perfection

With their passion for perfection ArchitectMade have created a new collection that everyone will feel an emotional connection with, as well as a set of beautiful products that truly reflect the brand’s continued celebration of natural materials.

The ‘Jul’ collection is more than just festive styling. It’s for inspiring memories you will always cherish.

All products mentioned are on sale now, if you’d like to find out more visit the ArchitectMade website.

All images courtesy of ArchitectMade.

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