The ‘Emma’ series by Stelton

24 September 2018

If you’re a regular reader of the Nordic Notes blog, by now you’ve probably realised I’m all about the details.

I like to think it’s the Fine Art graduate in me, but in reality it’s probably got more to do with being a deep rooted perfectionist.

So you can understand why when it comes to making decorating and styling decisions for our home I tend to get inspiration from a single item that has caught my eye, and something that has more often than not stolen my heart too.

This can be said about our current kitchen makeover. As I mentioned in my recent pick of the best dining tables, we are in the process of remodelling the largest and most used part of our house.

We are hoping by Christmas to have transformed our open plan family living room, dining room and kitchen into a space that not only makes our lives as a family of three easier, but reflects who we are now and who we want to be in the future.

My new kitchen units may not have even been delivered yet but I’ve already thoughtfully considered the finishing touches, the items that will work hard, as well as bring joy to those essential everyday tasks.

For now my recent purchases from Cloudberry Living may still be in their boxes but the ‘Emma’ series by Danish brand Stelton will soon be taking pride of place on my worktop.

From their elegant mid-century shape, muted colours, as well as beech wood handles and lids every piece in this collection captures the Scandinavian look I personally love.

There are vacuum jugs for tea and coffee, an electric kettle, cups, mugs, bowls of different sizes, and this autumn and very timely for me, the range has been extended to include storage jars and a two slice toaster.

As ever I opted for grey, but there’s also nude, terracotta, pale blue as well as black and white available. Just be mindful when you buy the electricals though as some aren’t yet available with UK or North American plugs.

The ‘Emma’ range created by Sebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft, couldn’t be any further removed from what I’ve previously bought from the high street. So seeing as I will be saving money by fitting my own units in the next few weeks I don’t think a beautiful new kettle is too much to ask.

Once everything is finished I’ll be sure to share the final results with you.

All images courtesy of Stelton.

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