LIND DNA – Sustainable Danish Design

26 June 2019

Last week my family and I returned to Denmark for our summer holiday. On this occasion however we decided to do things a little differently, and visited three locations over the seven days.

We began our trip with a few days in the country’s second largest city, Aarhus, before heading to Billund and finally on to the capital, Copenhagen.

Every day and each destination was very different from the one before, but certainly this road trip that has given all of us, my young son included, many fantastic experiences and happy memories that will last a lifetime.

LIND DNA - Sustainable Danish Design

Sustainable Danish design

A rather special moment for me was receiving an invitation from homeware design company LIND DNA. I’ve been wanting to learn more about this family run brand and their sustainable products for such a long time. So during our trip I eagerly met with them to find out more.

Overlooking both the striking modern national opera house as well as the traditional Amalienborg palace, their Copenhagen showroom really was a masterclass in sustainable Danish design.

LIND DNA - Sustainable Danish Design

Quality craftsmanship, local production and zero waste

Founded in 2013 by Preben Lind, the LIND DNA philosophy is based on quality craftsmanship, local production and zero waste.

Every stylish piece, including coffee tables, stools, clothes racks, and of course the best-selling table mats, is developed, manufactured and distributed from their headquarters in Aarhus.

Completely dedicated to their environmental responsibilities from the outset, each product is made to order, further reducing the company’s ecological impact, and every material used whether oak, wool or leather is responsibly sourced.

The leather they use is in fact produced from waste hard leather from the furniture, bag and shoe industry, as well as surplus natural rubber from the wood industry. This is then dyed in to a multitude of different colours and decorated to create the eight distinctive surface structures and patterns LIND DNA use throughout their product ranges.

And it doesn’t end there, every product is then packaged in completely biodegradable and compostable wrapping before being shipped to retailers, businesses and hotels across the world.

LIND DNA - Sustainable Danish Design

LIND DNA - Sustainable Danish Design

Chosen with care

Producing two impeccably crafted collections each year, every thoughtful LIND DNA product is subtly designed to perfectly complement one another.

From table settings, to small furniture and their gorgeous children’s ranges, there are so many colour combinations and playful shapes to choose from.

Whatever your sense of style, whether it’s muted and traditional or bold and contemporary, with LIND DNA you always know you have chosen with care.

All items mentioned are available now, to find out more visit the LIND DNA website.

Images 1, 2 and 3 by Nicola Capper, 4 and 5 courtesy of LIND DNA.

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