Lindform – My chat with Marita Lindholm

9 October 2019


After a couple of weeks away for a much-needed family holiday and a trip halfway around the globe for my sister’s long-awaited wedding, I’m back doing what I love best.

For my latest ‘chat with’ I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Marita Lindholm, the founder and creative powerhouse behind Swedish ceramics brand Lindform.

Found in the very best design and lifestyle stores, hotels and restaurants, Lindform’s exquisite handmade vases are a must-have for any Nordic interiors lover, a point I’ve already mentioned on this blog!

Lindform - My chat with Marita Lindholm

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to chat with Marita recently to find out more about her life, loves and future plans. Here’s what she had to tell me:

Over the last decade Lindform has become synonymous with Scandinavian design and quality, but how does your story start?

The idea of Lindform emerged over a decade ago while picking stones on a beach with my family. Everywhere you looked there was something precious to take home and cherish.

It was in that moment that I not only saw, but became fully aware of the beautiful colours, textures and patterns found in nature and I knew this was the inspiration I needed to give my interest in design the chance to develop.

Lindform - My chat with Marita Lindholm

How would you define the timeless and responsive Lindform style?

Every Lindform design continues to be inspired by Scandinavian nature. With their organic tones and simple shapes, our pieces bring harmony to a room but also grab the attention.

Our ceramics also reference influences from Japan, whose minimalistic style marries well with our Nordic design traditions.

One of the qualities I personally love about Lindform vases is that they look beautiful on their own but even better when mixed and matched together in pairs or groups. They all have a connection making them stronger together.

Lindform - My chat with Marita Lindholm

Lindform - My chat with Marita Lindholm

What impact does your natural surroundings have on your work, designs and how they are made?

I mainly work from an office in the garden overlooking the lake where we live and every morning I take a walk to get fresh inspiration for the day ahead.

The ever-changing seasons and conditions reflected in the water, the sky, the wind and the woods define the shapes and shades of the vases we produce.

For you, what is the key to living and working in a more sustainable way?

Sustainability, quality and craftsmanship are the values we work by at Lindform.

All our products are made from lead-free clay, we follow eco-friendly production and it is important for us to collaborate with partners that provide socially aware working conditions too.

At Lindform we aim to create unique pieces that perfectly reflect a global desire for the simple things in life.

So what’s next, and what can we look forward to from Lindform?

This month we are super excited about launching a new collaboration with the extremely talented, Daniella Witte.

If you haven’t already fallen in love with her beautiful Instagram account and blog, Daniella is a Swedish designer, concept stylist and photographer based in Malmo.

Her sense of style, with its understated colour palette, soft textures and natural elements are a perfect fit for Lindform.

The inspiration for the collection comes from a mutual love and respect for nature, with designs that represent its beauty in hand crafted pieces you will treasure forever.

Thank you so much to Marita for chatting with me.

To find out more and to shop the collection please visit the Lindform website.

Lindform kindly gifted the products featured, but all words and opinions are my own.

Photo of Marita Lindholm courtesy of Lindform. All other images by Nicola Capper.

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