Nordic Inspiration – Styling your home with Hello Haus

7 May 2019

As someone who is passionate about Nordic interiors I’m constantly looking at how this distinctive style inspires and influences other people so recently caught up Katie Seidler from Hello Haus who has spent the past two years slowly creating her own dream space. 

Katie lives in St Albans with her husband and French bull dog Henry, and shares the fantastic results, as well as a series of super helpful videos on her Instagram feed HelloHaus.

Nordic inspiration - Styling your home with Hello Haus

So I asked Katie to tell me more about what her key considerations are when creating a Nordic style home. Here’s what she had to tell me:

Windows and Walls

Natural light is one of the most important aspects of any space. Living in the northern hemisphere, we need to be capture as much of it as possible, especially during the winter months; therefore I like to keep window treatments minimal. White shutters for a really paired back look or simple white blinds that allow the light through are my go to.

Walls for me are such am amazing canvas. I try to keep colours continuous throughout to provide a flow through my home. I then add interest with prints, hooks and wall shelves to be practical as well as to add your own personal style.

Nordic inspiration - Styling your home with Hello Haus

Nordic inspiration - Styling your home with Hello Haus

Furniture and Lightning

For me furniture doesn’t need to “match”. The Scandinavians have such an incredible array of home-grown furniture designers that they themselves mix it up. Vary your dining chairs or go for a dining bench so you can squeeze more friends around the table.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Nordic look, keeping furniture simple speaks volumes. Think tapered legs, natural wood and black accents.

Lighting should play a key role in any room design. Use it strategically to highlight your favourite corner, a piece of art or your shelving. I always use a mix of table, floor and shelf lamps in my home to add warmth and atmosphere in the evenings.

Nordic inspiration - Styling your home with Hello Haus

Soft Furnishings

If there’s one thing Nordic design is famous for its hygge.

Sheepskins can really warm up a room and are not only for the floor, use them on your bed, sofa or your dining chairs.

Cushions are a really easy design win. Mix up the textures to create a sumptuous look. I like to keep colours minimal and use the cushions to mix up the tone and feel.

Nordic design is often open plan so rugs are a great way to define an area. They can be used under your dining table to zone off the space or in your living area to anchor a room. It’s also an easy way to warm up a wooden floor.

Finishing Touches

It’s all in the detail. For me those little finishing touches can really pull a room together. I love styling my shelves with ceramics, candles, and the occasional wooden bird!

I always add plants into my home to finish off a look. Hung from a wall, in a Ferm Living planter or standing on the floor they are a must for me.

Thank you so much to Katie for chatting with me, especially as she was heading off to Copenhagen the following day. Not that I’m remotely jealous or anything!

To see more of Katie’s beautiful home and for details of her Mood Boarding Workshops follow her on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

All photography supplied by Katie Seidler.

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