Nordic Inspiration – A guide to 2020

9 January 2020

A new year, a new decade, and a new-look Nordic Notes.

With that in mind, and after returning from an exciting few festive days in Copenhagen, I asked some of my favourite bloggers, influencers and designers what their Nordic inspirations are for 2020.

What exciting trend or movement, collaboration or launch, event or destination are they looking forward to? What has shaped their outlook, for the year ahead?

Here’s what they had to tell me:

Abi Dare, These Four Walls

“I’m looking forward to Copenhagen’s annual 3 Days of Design (14th-16th May).

With everything from open showrooms, studio tours, product launches and talks to pop-up exhibitions in historic locations, it’s paradise for anyone with an interest in Scandinavian design.

I came away from last year’s festival brimming with ideas and inspiration. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up with creative friends from all over the world, and to return to one of my all-time favourite cities.”

Ingrid Opstad, That Scandinavian Feeling
“As a Scandinavian living in Italy, I always look forward to Milan Design Week (21st-26th April).
The city is buzzing and I especially love the fact that so many great Nordic brands come to showcase their news. It is a great way to discover new trends and designs, but also a fun experience to simply walk around and be inspired for a whole week in the sunshine.”

Nordic Inspiration - A guide to 2020

Allan Torpe, Bungalow 5

“Being a lot more conscious about the things I consume has been high on my list this past year and I believe sustainability will be an even bigger buzzword in 2020.

Many design brands have already made big changes to their production, using more recycled materials and some are taking sustainability to a whole new level with all their products being 100% eco-certified from the very beginning.

It is pretty simple really, be thoughtful about which products you bring into your home, carefully select your materials and make sure these are crafted nearby using skilled traditions.”

Katie Seidlar, Hello Haus

“My 2020 also started with a trip to Copenhagen and it’s hard not to be inspired by this all-encompassing place.

A highlight for me was a visit to the Design Museum Denmark and ‘The Danish Chair an International Affair’ exhibition.

Synonymous with Danish design and deep rooted in its culture, for me every piece told a story. So next time you need to rest your weary legs think about the design process that’s keeping you suspended 42cm above the ground.”

Nordic Inspiration - A guide to 2020

Kate Baxter, Fabric of my Life

“We’ve seen a lot of warm neutrals and green tones creep into traditionally muted grey and white Scandi decor schemes in the past few years, but in 2020 that most classic of Scandinavian accent colours is making a huge comeback.

Inspired by the hue of the stormy seas, overcast skies and tranquil fjords, shades of blue have always been synonymous with Nordic design palettes.

I always look to Norwegian paint brand JOTUN Lady for the best new hues and one of their key shades for 2020 is Statement Blue, a bold and energetic colour that is far more sophisticated and accessible than Pantone’s Classic Blue Colour of the Year.”

Tiffany Grant-Riley, Curate and Display

“Last year I put a huge amount of energy into creating a Nordic inspired white garden at home to encourage wildlife, so I’m continuing that into 2020.

I can’t wait to see how the plants have established themselves into Spring, watch the grasses spread out again and sit under the canopy of our three giant banana trees.

I’m also heading to the Chelsea Flower Show to get planting inspiration up close, possibly the most exciting thing I’ll do all year, particularly if I manage to spot Monty Don!”

Nordic Inspiration - A guide to 2020

Hege Morris, Hege In France

“I think self-care and taking time off social media will be more important in 2020. It’s something we all should do from time to time, as it’s distracting to be online all the time.

Time out will of course mean different things to all of us. Some people will enjoy going for a walk, reading a book or enjoy a nice cup of tea.

The important thing for mental health and general wellbeing is to switch off for a little while. This could be for a couple of hours or a few days depending on how you feel. You might even find that you’ll come up with fresh ideas and feel more motivated after a little social media detox.”

Emma Hopkinson, All up in my Space

 “I think the thing I’m most excited about in 2020 is the democratisation of the home.

It used to be that Interiors on Instagram were all about huge mansions with million-pound extensions and a granny annexe for the butler, but over the past couple of years we’ve seen a shift and smaller homes are finding their place among the most-liked too.

I love that great design is becoming more affordable and real-life-ness is becoming something desirable, not something to be hidden.”

Thank you so much to all the fantastic contributors for chatting with me, I wish you all a very happy and inspiring year ahead.

If you would like to more from these contributors you can read my chat with Katie Seidler from Hello Haus here as well as ‘A Bloggers Guide to Copenhagen’ here.

Image 1 courtesy of Filippo Bamberghi for 3 Days of Design, image 2 from TAKT, image 3 from JOTUN Lady and image 4 Hege Morris.

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