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17 August 2018

I’m really excited to be back in Copenhagen next week.

It’s a year since we last visited; which means it’s a full year since I launched Nordic Notes.

To celebrate my first anniversary (and my nomination for ‘Best Newcomer’ at this year’s Amara Interior Blog Awards – you can vote for me here), I’ve teamed up with some of my all time favourite lifestyle and design bloggers, as well as the best friends I’ve made this year, to find out what their recommendations are when visiting this wonderful city.

This will be our fifth trip in five years to Copenhagen, and like the city itself my husband and I have seen and experienced a lot of exciting changes during this time. From Borgen junkies celebrating our first wedding anniversary, excited design-conscious parents to be, through to a family of three with an adventure loving toddler in tow, each year has proven to be as inspiring and memorable as the last.

More importantly though, this city of fun and fairy tails, style and sensibility, as well as the most welcoming of people, has become our second home.

So whether you’re looking to get a unique feel for the place, planning to return for more or a seasoned regular like myself, here are a few places to add to your must-visit list from those in the know.

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A place to stay: Mary Middleton – Hello Peagreen

“Copenhagen as a city is a beautiful, sustainable and eco-conscious city without the hemp and patchouli. On our most recent visit, my family and I stayed in one of my favourites areas, the Vesterbro district. Its a mix of the avant-garde and industrial, and used to be Copenhagen’s red light district. It’s chokka with independent shops, creative talent and the kind of stores and cafes I want to hang out in all day. Make sure you have space in your suitcase for all your finds!”

Prolog Coffee courtesy of Bungalow5

A place for coffee: Allan Torp – Bungalow5

“Copenhagen is known for a lot of things throughout the world; our Nordic cuisine scene, the bike culture and happy people. Copenhageners also love their caffeine and there is pretty much no corner in the city where you won’t find an ambitious barista offering own roasted coffee beans and some even offer some great foods to come with that great Cortado. I have a few favourites across town, so it really depends on which area I am in on. One of my all time favourites is Prolog Coffee in the Meat Packing area, Vesterbro. Here you are always welcomed with a smile from one of the guys behind the counter, the place itself is on the smaller size, but the quality of the coffee and the service makes up for that tenfold. It is not the place you come to hang with your laptop, but is where you go to have a sec off the grid.”

Nærvær courtesy of These Four Walls

A place to eat: Abi Dare – These Four Walls

“The stylish yet relaxed Nærvær wine bar sits on the waterfront in Christianshavn, just across the bridge from Nyhavn. It was designed by renowned Copenhagen studio Norm Architects, and the beautiful decor brings together polished concrete, moody colours and oversized potted plants. There’s also a menu of delicious small dishes, plus an intimate restaurant serving no more than 10 people at a time. If you can, grab a table in the window and watch boats sail past.”

Olafur Eliason installation, DAC courtesy of That Nordic Feeling

A place of culture: Rikke Brams – That Nordic Feeling

“The Danish Architecture Center – or DAC for short – moved into BLOX, a new iconic building on the Copenhagen waterfront, earlier this year. It’s already proving to be a huge hit with visitors and locals alike. With ever-charging exhibitions, daily guided tours across the city, a free app, guidebooks, podcasts and events you will definitely leave with a new view on how architecture can change the world.”

Stilleben courtesy of Fabric Of My Life

A place to shop: Kate Baxter – Fabric of my Life

“Whenever I’m in Copenhagen I always make sure I have time to spare (and space in my suitcase!) to visit concept design store Stilleben. Echoing the German art concept from which it derives its name from, the store represents a combination of elements that come together in a harmonious whole, offering everything from authentic Japanese teapots and one-of-a-kind handmade ceramics, to quirky prints from California and Danish woven textiles. Headed up by designers Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, the store is a beautifully curated Aladdin’s Cave for sleek contemporary design with a focus on tactile quality and refined aesthetic.”

Botanical Garden courtesy of Hege in France

A place to escape: Hege Morris – Hege in France

“One of my favourite places to visit in Copenhagen is the Botanical Garden. Set in beautiful grounds within walking distance of the city centre, the gardens don’t disappoint. My favourite part is visiting the old Palm House and climbing the famous staircase. I didn’t realise at first, but you can actually walk along a passageway to get a top down view of all the stunning green plants. Its so impressive! The Palm House is 16 meters tall, so you get some view from up there. The urban jungle blogger in me, is more than happy up there surrounded by lush greenery and clear blue skies.”

Thank you so much to all the contributors for chatting to me.

All images courtesy of the contributors.

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