The Norman Foster Collection from Stelton

18th February 2018

There’s one thing the Nordic brands always get right; and that’s collaborations.

Whether its Georg Jensen and the late, great Zaha Hadid, Ikea and Hay, or the recent range from Marimekko and Clinque; they certainly know how to take a world-renowned reputation, classic design or iconic print and give it a new and exciting twist.

The latest, launched at this weeks Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt, is the very special Norman Foster Collection from Stelton.

Not only is Stelton one of my favourite Danish brands (I use my EM press coffee maker daily) but as a total architecture nerd too, Manchester born, Lord Norman Foster is a total hero of mine.

My husband (then boyfriend) and I queued for hours in blistering heat to take a tour of the Reichstag back in 2010. The experience of ascending up through the glass dome and looking out over the historic rooftops of Berlin is something I will never forget.

Available in June, the limited edition collection also brings together Foster’s infamous sculptural and geometric style. The mirrored stainless steel and copper wine goblets, carafe, bowls and tray almost glow, off set by the pure white porcelain and glass coffee cups, sugar bowl, thermos and water carafe.

The whole collection is exquisite and understated, I’d be extremely proud to have these on my dinner table any time soon.

Image courtesy of Foster+Partners

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