Dwell – A design classic from Warm Nordic

2 February 2020

As the Scandinavian design world descends on Stockholm for a week of inspiring events and exciting product launches, one iconic piece that will surely be grabbing everyone’s attention is the new ‘Dwell’ sofa from Warm Nordic.

Following on from last years’ Hans Olsen collection, which was created to celebrate the centenary of the designer’s birth, Dwell is another of his distinctive furniture designs that will still look picture perfect in homes today.

Dwell an iconic design classic from Warm Nordic

Originally designed in 1956 and produced by the Dutch furniture manufacturer De Ster Gelderland, the relaunched two-seater, with its sleek and accommodating good looks invites you to simply ‘dwell’ for a while: to take it slow and saviour a moment of rest and relaxation.

Available in a choice of classic leathers, singular or two-tone fabrics (the rose pink is rather special), as well as popular bouclé, the Dwell sofa is certainly full of bold, timeless character and style.

Dwell an iconic design classic from Warm Nordic

Dwell an iconic design classic from Warm Nordic

Refusing to compromise on comfort, functionality and aesthetics

Hans Olsen’s remarkable designs from the 1950s beautifully showcase the diversity of Danish Modernism and why the style remains so popular today.

Renowned for challenging contemporary production methods while refusing to compromise on comfort, functionality and aesthetics was his trademark, and with the Dwell sofa you can certainly see why.

By continuing to work with Hans Olsen’s family, Warm Nordic not only uphold his lasting legacy but pay tribute to a man, without whom the world of modern interior design would be a little less exciting.

To find out more about Dwell, visit the Warm Nordic website.

All images courtesy of Warm Nordic.

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