Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain

10 February 2020

With the new Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain, the instantly recognisable, clean-cut, classic dinner service has been given an intense new sense of style for 2020.

For this latest release, the Danish porcelain manufacturer which dates back to 1936, has collaborated with Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft of Stilleben; the creative duo, behind the Copenhagen shop of the same name. And they’ve certainly torn up the colour-conscious Nordic style handbook.

Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain

Intense and playful tones

Bursting with vibrant tones, Rhombe Colour takes inspiration from the palette of Modernist artist Marc Chagall.

Instead of the traditional chalky-white; cups, bowls, plates, and an oval serving dish have been produced for the first time in a spectrum of playful tones, from soft lilac through to a rich terracotta.

I love how the blue, aqua and turquoise pieces can be mixed and matched together, creating the perfect dinnerware collection that not only reflects my own personal sense of style, but also references one of the key colour trends of year.

What I also love is how the iconic geometric rhombus pattern is produced in relief, built up layer upon layer, creating a gorgeous tactility when you hold each piece in your hands.

Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain

Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain

Rhombe Colour Collection from Lyngby Porcelain

Challenging the conventional

A few years ago I visited a retrospective of Chagall’s early work at Tate Liverpool and when I saw the Rhombe Colour collection I couldn’t help but remember a quote from Picasso I had read at the time, “When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour is.”

With this collection, Lyngby Porcelain are certainly challenging the conventional colour codes of Scandinavian interiors and giving consumers, like you and I, the opportunity to choose with our hearts rather than stick to convention.

To find out more about the Rhombe Colour Collection, visit the Lyngby Porcelain website.

All images courtesy of Lyngby Porcelain.

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