Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

2nd June 2019

As we reach the halfway point of 2019, one interiors trend that this year will certainly will be remembered for is renewal.

And as ever leading Nordic homeware brands are setting a precedent by beautifully connecting the past with the present.

By bringing classic designs back to life, talented midcentury architects and creatives are once again being honoured today.

Some of my own favourite pairings include Architectmade and Finn Juhl, Iittala and Alvar Aalto, as well as the Hans Olsen collection from Warm Nordic.

Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics

Created to coincide with Olsen’s 100th birthday, this beautiful anniversary collection offers three new takes on his original designs.

Hans Olsen was renowned for challenging contemporary production methods and pushing the materials he used to their limits; with a personal design philosophy based around how comfort, functionality, and aesthetics can coexist.

After consultation with Hans Olsen’s family, Warm Nordic have launched a very special edition of his 1956 ‘Fried Egg’ chair in two beautiful colour options. The teak frame contrasts perfectly with exclusive fabric from Kvadrat in soft peach, pale green and petrol blue.

There is also the striking ‘Gesture Chair’ from 1957 which is constructed from black lacquered beech. The leather upholstery on the back and a sustainable fabric for the seat is available in four exclusively selected colours. My personal favourite is of the course the minty grey.

The final elegant designs are the ‘Mr. Olsen’ sofa and lounge chair, originally designed in 1958. Coming in a light purple Re-wool from Kvadrat and a pale peach in Merit by Maharam, both excel in sustainability, sensuosity and quality.

Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

Warm Nordic celebrates Hans Olsen

Past and present, tradition and innovation

Warm Nordic quickly become one of my favourite Danish design brands when it launched last year. What makes it super exciting for me is how successfully their products bridge the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation.

By both preserving classic design legacies, like those of Hans Olsen, alongside developing new contemporary designs in furniture, lighting and accessories, the years in which they are produced aren’t important.  Just timeless design.

All items are available now, to find out more, visit the Warm Nordic website.

All images courtesy of Warm Nordic.

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